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Since our inception we have been innovating new ways to bring African food to you. Exciting things are happening at Taste-Afrik, read all about it here.



Nkwobi is a Nigerian food common in the Eastern part of the country. It contains cow foot (cooked so soft, it melts in your mouth), spicy seasoning and fresh cut vegetable leave. It is also usually garnished with purple onions. This meal has zero carbs.  We don’t sell alcohol (yet) but we have been told this goes well with red wine. 

#trysomethingnew #loveit

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Puff-Puff Mix Challenge!

We challenge you to make a 2 minute video of you using our Puff-Puff mix (doughnut batter) and get a free meal or a free package of puff-puff mix (your choice).  We are excited about this challenge. No drawings, everybody wins. Send your video to sales@tasteafrik.com

Challenge ends May 31st 2018.

Only qualifying videos will win.

Our doughnut mix, which has always been available at our store, on our website and in other specialty stores in Texas, is now also available on amazon.


Taste-Afrik Used to be snack-time

TBefore opening our restaurant, we used to be known as Snack-Time. Some of our products still carry the old logo of Snack-Time. We are working to rebrand all our products before end of June 2018.

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