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Taste-Afrik was founded by Lola Fajemirokun. The name Taste-Afrik was inspired by a burning desire to make the world taste African food. As an international student from Nigeria, the first thing Lola noticed was that African food was not easily assessible. Homesick, she started cooking and catering Nigerian food to friends and family. Officially, Taste-Afrik started out as a catering and food manufacturing company (Snack-Time) in 2013 and evolved into a full-service restaurant in 2017.

We offer self-manufactured products (Chin-Chin and African Donut Mix) and a full range menu including a fit menu. We deliver through UberEats, Favor, DoorDash, Grubhub and Postmates

We specializes in Nigerian food, our mission is to inspire the world with authentic African cuisine. Our core values are respect and honesty.

Our Products


Chin-Chin is sweet and crunchy, and can be compared to mini-sugar cookies with richer accent flavors. Chin-Chin usually contains ground nutmeg and cinnamon for a “louder” more memorable flavor.

Although there are no good documentations on the history of Chin-Chin, most West African kids grew up eating and making Chin-Chin (as opposed to cookies) with their “mummy” or relatives. So think about Chin-Chin as the equivalent of cookies but in small bite sizes and with louder flavors.

In recent years, people have taken bold steps to modify the original Chin-Chin recipe pushing the envelope with flour choices, shapes, color and flavors.  Snack-Time embraces the endless possibilities of flavor combinations when it comes to Chin-Chin. We love making Chin-Chin and enjoy creating unique varieties.

Chin-Chin is a great “pick-me-up snack”

Puff-PuFF Mix (Doughnut Mix)

This Vegan Friendly product is an easy to use doughnut mix. Make delicious doughnuts in 3 easy steps.

1. Add of WARM water.

2. Cover and let rise for 35 minutes

3. Fry or bake

The doughnut made using this mix is known as Puff-Puff. There are two varieties of this product, we have the Original and the Whole Wheat version. Both variation come in either the one or two pound bag.

Puff-Puff is more dense compared to a traditional doughnuts. It also contains slightly less sugar than a traditional doughnut.

This is product is Vegan friendly.

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