Chin-Chin is sweet and crunchy, and can be compared to mini-sugar cookies with richer accent flavors. Chin-Chin usually contains ground nutmeg and cinnamon for a “louder” more memorable flavor.

Although there are no good documentations on the history of Chin-Chin, most West African kids grew up eating and making Chin-Chin (as opposed to cookies) with their “mummy” or relatives. So think about Chin-Chin as the equivalent of cookies but in small bite sizes and with louder flavors.

In recent years, people have taken bold steps to modify the original Chin-Chin recipe pushing the envelope with flour choices, shapes, color and flavors.  Snack-Time embraces the endless possibilities of flavor combinations when it comes to Chin-Chin. We love making Chin-Chin and enjoy creating unique varieties.

Chin-Chin is a great “pick-me-up snack”

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